Used and modified with permission from Snowpeak

Presenting: You

You know that the presentation of your work requires as much care as the work itself. Highly productive people create more time and space for intellectual and creative work by contracting out some of the details. Equipped with multiple complementary communication skills, I can create efficiencies that will save you money by putting my knowledge of your work to use in multiple formats.


I help people like you shine by:

  • proofreading and formatting final projects, master's theses, PhD dissertations, and articles for academic journals
  • assisting with research
  • ghost-writing blog posts, opinion-editorials, and articles for specialist publications
  • assisting with applications for admission, personal statements, and statements of research interest
  • selecting photos and illustrations and obtaining permissions
  • drafting and polishing reference letters, resumes, and cover letters
  • developing, writing, and editing grant and scholarship applications
  • improving your speeches and presentations
  • showcasing your work with elegant, minimalist design
  • developing or updating your media kits, news releases, and briefing notes

Require a writing, editing or research service not listed here? You may be surprised what's in my portfolio. Contact me and let's talk.